How to make Virtual World a Safe Place?

The sky rocketing frequency of privacy breach and data hack activities by malicious hackers seems like a genuine testament of how vulnerable our important and intimate bits and bytes are in this cyber era; the era that can undoubtedly be marked as a black age with regards to the protection of digital data.
With more and more important information being collected and stored in digital gadgets like our phones, PCs, notepads, tablets etc, it has become a piece of cake and much easier for hackers and online privacy invaders to steal large amounts of our sacred most files and folders. This stolen information then becomes the kind of hostage and is then at the mercy of their heinous hands. The most common ways in which this data can be molested can be they can sell it in the black market. If it is some kind of critical organizational information that has been stolen from employee records or by breaking into organizational systems, then the possibilities of damage are quite high and they can use it against the company to destroy its reputation or sell it to their key competitors which can then benefit from its unique selling propositions.
The recent breach attempts that have left the digital world by storm and have left a trail of wreckage in its path are:
Jennifer Lawrence’s and other Hollywood celebrities’ pictures were leaked online on image sharing website.
The data breach of Target and Morrisons that compromised thousands of customer and employee records.
And, the disastrous Heartbleed Bug that caused quite a stir when it compromised the millions of consumer records and other confidential information by helping hackers break into the system.
The prevalent tools and features of data protection that are considered to be traditional and reliable cannot be regarded and considered as 100% secure now these days. For instance, securing data in hard drives is just not secure anymore. Similarly, passwords are not enough as like they were in the past. Although passwords are an essential part of internet security, even the best passwords are unable to fully protect the information and are prone to a myriad of menaces and can be cracked easily.
The two most easy, fast, convenient and cost effective ways for making internet and cyber space a better and safe place for browsing and securing your sacred most information are online cloud storage and file encryption. Digital information can be encrypted in several ways but the most secure and prevalent form is AES 256-Bit Encryption that offers strong cryptographic algorithms encryption keys.
On the other hand, cloud storage is an awesome and highly regarded phenomenon that gives users an edge and convenience to access, edit and work on their important and confidential files, photos, presentations, documents, videos and other important stuff. Although there have been quite a few reservations regarding trusting cloud storage for storage after the recent celebrity photo leak incident, but the effectiveness and efficiency of cloud storage is undeniable. Therefore, while selecting data protection software always select best encryption software and <a href="secure online storage” title=”Secure online storage” target=”_blank”>secure online storage that has proven track record with regards to security tools and also has easy to use interface. Reliable security solutions can save you from the embarrassment and hassle of breach incidents.


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